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eBay 1-hour delivery headed to UK, pick up items at Argos

You'll soon be able to buy your goods on eBay and pick them up from Argos -- or have them delivered within the hour.

Good news, bidding enthusiasts -- eBay is bringing its one-hour delivery service to the UK.

The service, called eBay Now, is already up and running in the US, but is headed to Europe early next year, Engadget reports. London is first in line to receive the new service.

You won't be able to get normal people's eBay listings delivered to you within the hour -- instead the service relies on nearby businesses that are available in your location. If you live in San Francisco, for example, you can currently have an air conditioner zipped over to you from Home Depot, using eBay's service.

Argos Click-and-Collect

UK eBay fans are getting another delivery option too -- picking your goods up from Argos. To start with, 150 Argos shops across the nation will have an in-shop collection point where you can go to receive the goods you've bought on the bidding site.

Argos says that at least 50 eBay merchants will participate in the trial, which sees folks' eBay purchases funnelled into Argos' existing systems for moving and storing items.

It's good to see eBay bringing more features to Brits. Rival shopping site Amazon already has collection lockers deployed around the country, which let you collect your purchased items at your convenience, using a special code.

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