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Eavesdropping pot pourri is fishy

Seems like something Inspector Clouseau would try


Let's say you fancy yourself an international person of intrigue and are ready for your first attempt at true espionage: planting a bug. But where? As much as we like the design of the "GSM Table Lamp," it might arouse a smidgeon of suspicion if presented as a hostess gift at a dinner party.

Still, we're not so sure about the "Pot Pourri Basket with built-in GSM Transmitter" either. True, it's not as obstrusive as a piece of furniture, but we've never been comfortable with the concept of pot pourri. (What is it, anyway?)

According to U.K.-based Spycatcher, this rigged item "allows you to silently dial in to this unit from anywhere in the world and hear what is being said within a 4- to 5-meter range (about 13 to 16 feet)." But it's not recommended for use in the States for technical reasons (not to mention the Fourth Amendment). That's just as well, because we still think a bug-laden basket of pot pourri sounds more like Inspector Clouseau than 007.