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Eat me: DoCoMo to sell chocolate phone on Valentine's

It looks good enough to eat, and a wireless charging unit sweetens this $500 deal.


Does your phone look good enough to eat? NTT DoCoMo wants to make you crave your handset even more by dressing it up like a chocolate bar.

Launching on Valentine's Day next February, the Q-pot Phone SH04D will look like a slab of milk chocolate heaven.

The bar will be bite-sized at only 2.3 inches wide and will run Android 2.3. The back of the phone is designed to resemble melting chocolate.

The telecom treat will come with a wireless Chocobed recharging unit that looks like--well, a box of chocolates.

It's the result of a DoCoMo collaboration with Gramme, which owns the candy-oriented Q-pot brand and provided special wallpaper designs for the new phone.

Only 30,000 SH04D phones will be made, DoCoMo said. They will cost between 40,000 yen ($523) and 49,999 yen with a two-year contract, according to the Japanese daily Asahi Shimbun.