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Easy riding with the robot biker dude

Castrol, a maker of motorbike engine oils, is leaning on a robot rider to test its products' performance. And he's pretty studly.

Meet Flossie the headless motorcycle-riding robot. Judging by the name, we would have thought the bot was a she, but Castrol refers to Flossie as a he. Castrol

Flossie is one tough biker dude. He can ride in extreme temperatures. He doesn't get tired or saddle sore, and he is totally unflapped by the bike's searing noise as its engine screams away at speeds up to 16,000rpm. Yep, Flossie could pretty much leave any motorcycle gang in the dust.

Castrol, a maker of motorbike engine oils, is leaning on this headless robot rider to test its products' performance under conditions like increased power or acceleration. Flossie can be fitted onto any bike or scooter and comes equipped with a self-learning mode that lets him know the vehicle's gear change pattern, clutch feel, and throttle response.

Castrol promises Flossie is a safe rider. Still, we wouldn't feel too safe putting him next to our favorite unicycle-riding girlbot. And we're glad Flossie is currently doing all his riding at the company's facilities in Pangbourne, England, and not roaring around on a highway near us. Watch the video below to see Flossie in action.

(Via Engadget)