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Easy access for NT

The beta version of the Distributed File System for NT is now available at Microsoft's Web site.

The beta version of the Distributed File System (DFS) for Microsoft NT is now available at the company's Web site.

With DFS for NT, users and administrators can easily access information on any server connected on a network. DFS uses a single directory tree to combine Windows-based systems with Unix systems on a network.

The single directory tree also simplifies administration of a network since there is one source for where data is on a network, easing operations such as server backups.

DFS will be an increasingly important tool as NT moves up the enterprise and is implemented in network environments along with Unix systems.

The beta version of the NT DFS includes client software for Windows 95. Windows NT client software for DFS access is included with the shipping version of Windows NT workstation 4.0.

The DFS support is expected to be added with Windows NT later this year as part of an update to NT 4.0.