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Eastpak: Optical discs are totally the new MP3s

Ed Banger records and Eastpak collaborate on a luggage collection, to be released this fall.

Unicorn spotted in the wild. Busy P./Coolcats

Believe it or not, party photographs are good for something: the guys over at Coolcats spotted this Eastpak CD case in the wild, and it appears to be part of the company's product collaboration with Ed Banger Records, the French label behind recently popular acts Justice, Busy P., and SebastiAn.

The entire collection will drop this fall, but High Snobiety already gave us a look at some of the first pieces in the official collabo--a backpack and a few smaller luggage items that bear bright, colorful Ed Banger allover-print themes.

The CD case is a little strange to me, though...I actually had to look it up to grasp a full understanding of its functionality. Prior to being called analog mp3s, people apparently stored these physical objects in a big folder with the rest of their "CDs?" Across the sea, you've got Japanese luggage designer Head Porter killing it (per usual) with its iPhone cases, and Eastpak responds with its...CD case?

I guess we can look forward to Eastpak's new MiniDisc holders coming soon to a Circuit City near you.