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Easter Bunny was born from a chicken-bunny romance, ad says

If you've always wondered where a bunny comes up with a stash of colored eggs, this viral German ad has the answer.

It's always seemed odd: Why would the Easter Bunny have eggs in the first place? Bunnies don't lay eggs! (Don't even try and figure out what a bunny and eggs have to do with Jesus' resurrection, because there needs to be an entire theology class on that topic.)

But a beautiful German commercial for discount food store Netto Marken-Discount has an answer. In the ad, a bunny and a chicken fall in love and create the Easter Bunny, who like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, is mocked for being different. But like Rudolph, it turns out his unusual talent is a helpful one for humanity.

The ad, which we spotted on AdWeek, is German, but features a beautiful English-language song, so those who can't read the German text shown in newspaper headlines don't miss much. The ad was posted nearly three weeks ago, but with Easter Sunday on the horizon, it seems especially fitting. As of the end of Good Friday, it had been viewed more than 9 million times. That's egg-ceptional.