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East Coast residents receive accidental tsunami warning

The National Weather Service is investigating why a tsunami test message went out as an official warning to residents of the East Coast this morning.


Not today, tsunami.

Library of Congress

The National Weather Service accidentally sent out a false-alarm tsunami warning to residents of the East Coast this morning.

Users of weather services received a message suggesting that there was a tsunami warning in place from 8.30 a.m. ET. But in fact there was no report of earthquake activity.

The NWS has confirmed in a tweet that the alert was supposed to be a test, but that the word "test" was missing from the message.

Meteorologist Hendricus Lulofs told the Herald Tribune that a glitch during a routine test meant "some people received what looked like an actual warning on their phones". 

The false alarm follows a terrifying missile alert for Hawaii last month. The alert warned residents to seek shelter and read, "THIS IS NOT A DRILL".