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Easily copy files from one iPhone to another (or to a Mac) wirelessly

Easily copy files from one iPhone to another (or to a Mac) wirelessly

While other forays into the procedure for sending files from one iPhone to another have been made, none have make things quite as easy and elegant as the new release of an application called DropCopy, which uses Apple's Bonjour technology to automatically locate other devices on the local network that can receive files. Here's how to use it:

If your iPhone isn't yet set up to receive third-party applications, follow our applications guide and make sure you install Community Sources (as instructed). Next, launch Installer and install DropCopy from the "Utilities" section.

Launch DropCopy, and read through the instructions. Once you get to the main screen, the application will automatically scan the local network for other DropCopy users. These can be other iPhones or iPod Touches that have DropCopy installed and running, or Macs that have the Mac OS X version of DropCopy running.

After DropCopy is done searching, you can tap the "drop zone," which will bring up a file selection menu. Tap the file you want to send, then select the receiver, and the file will automatically be sent. Items are, by default, stored in ~/Media/DropCopy on the receiving iPhone/iPod Touch. PDF files will automatically be stored at ~/Media/PDF. The easiest way to access them on the receiving end is with a utility like MobileFinder (detailed on our Applications page). You can use MobileFinder to view retrieved media, email the files you received and perform other functions.