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EarthTime tracks multiple time zones

Starfish Software has launched a preview version of EarthTime, a plug-in for Navigator 2.0 that keeps time in multiple zones. The trial version is available on the Web.

Starfish Software, the maker of Sidekick 95, introduced today EarthTime, a plug-in software module that works with Netscape Communications' Navigator 2.0 browser.

Available for evaluation on the Starfish site, EarthTime lets users monitor time and date simultaneously in up to eight cities. The software's database contains the names of 350 world capitals. Once users have configured EarthTime, they can access its features directly from Navigator 2.0.

EarthTime also provides info on selected cities including country and city codes for international phone calls. And, users can calculate time differences between two cities.

Exact pricing and a release date for the final version of EarthTime will be released later this year, officials said.