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EarSkinz correct Apple EarPods' biggest flaw

If your EarPods don't fit securely in your ears, a pair of these upcoming $10.95 silicone sleeves, called the EarSkinz 2, will make them stay put.

I tested an early sample of the orange EarSkinz 2s. Sarah Tew/CNET

Some people love Apple's EarPods and some people aren't so fond of them.

If you're in the latter group, it's probably because Apple's retooled earbuds have a tendency to slip out of your ears while you're doing something as mundane as walking around. That's where products like the EarSkinz 2 (ES2) come in.

I've been testing an early sample of the company's silicone covers for the EarPods and they definitely work. My EarPods, which I admittedly don't use all that much, now stay in my ears -- and I haven't noticed a difference in sound quality (not that the EarPods sound incredible to begin with).

I'm not sure why EarSkinz needed to do a Kickstarter campaign since it already has EarSkinz products out for Apple's original earbuds, but, hey, it's a good way to get a bunch of preorders along with a little publicity, so why not?

The EarSkinz 2s are scheduled to come out in July. Sarah Tew/CNET

With just a few days to go in the campaign, EarSkinz has already reached its funding goal ($20,000) and the EarSkinz 2 (ES2) are scheduled to ship out in July. The $8 early-bird special for the Kickstarter green ES2s is sold out, but you can still get a preorder in at the $10 level or at the tw-for-$18 level. The product will eventually be available on Amazon for $10.95 a pair in multiple colors.

Of course, it's a shame you have to pay $10 for the "fix," but the EarPods are decent enough that it's probably worth the small investment to make them fit right.

Note: If you're more of DIYer, the other option is to use a bit of Sugru moldable silicone to create your own EarPod covers. The fix might not end up looking incredibly elegant, but it'll cure the EarPods' slippage problem.