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Ears-on with Creative's Aurvana Live headphones

Creative's new Aurvana Live headphones are absolutely stunning value at £89 -- their sound quality is top notch and they're good looking, too

We commented last week that Creative is having a particularly spectacular time of late, and today we've added another thing to the growing list of things the company is doing right. The new Aurvana Live headphones cost a very reasonable £89 and offer exceptionally good performance for the price. We've been pumping a vast array of musical favourites through these glossy cans for the last 24 hours and we're very impressed.

The snugtastic earcups are comfortable to wear for hours on end and compliment the headphones' lightweight build. Sound quality is equally impressive: there's oodles of detail across the audible spectrum, along with pounding bass response and punchy mids.

On a live recording of Dream Theater's Endless Sacrifice, the hands of hundreds of fans can be heard clapping subtly beneath the layers of guitars, skull-crushing drum tracks and thick keyboard and bass lines -- no easy task.

In many ways it doesn't surprise us that Creative -- a company known for terrific-sounding MP3 players and sound equipment -- is capable of making the headphonian list of the elite. But we wouldn't have expected it to excel to this level. No, the Aurvana Lives don't compete with the likes of cans costing hundreds of pounds, but for under £100 you'd need to be inbred or high on any number of questionable substances not to agree these are stonking good value.

The Aurvana Live 'phones are on sale now for £89 and you can expect our full review very soon. -Nate Lanxon

Update: A full review of the Creative Aurvana Live headphones is now live.