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Earn Deus Ex: Mankind Divided skill points by playing Deus Ex Go

Completing tasks in puzzle game Deus Ex Go earns you Praxis kits for use in Mankind Divided on Xbox One and PC.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided releases next week, but you can play puzzle game Deus Ex Go right now. Completing certain tasks in the mobile game earns you Praxis kits that you can use in the Xbox One and PC versions of Mankind Divided.

Praxis kits are consumable items that grant the player a skill point that can be assigned to the augmentation tree. Deus Ex Go has five of these available for players to obtain. Completing the story mode gets you two, while clearing every level with Mastermind status--finishing each puzzle in a certain number of moves--earns you another. The other two are obtainable by completing your first and second sets of weekly puzzles.

Square Enix

To claim these Praxis kits as your own, you'll need to sign up for and/or log in with your Square Enix ID. Once Mankind Divided releases, you can sign in with your Square Enix ID on the Xbox One or PC, and your Praxis kits will unlock for use in-game. Unfortunately, these bonuses are not redeemable on PS4. We've contacted Square Enix and asked for comment on why and if PS4 players will ever get the chance to redeem the Praxis kits. We'll update this article as we hear back.

Deus Ex Go is now available on iOS devices. We'll keep you up to date on when it goes live on Android.