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Video Games

Looking back at our earliest video games and favorite consoles

On the 20th anniversary of the Dreamcast's launch, we relive our early years playing video games.

Video Games Sofa Shoot
Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Twenty years ago, Sega released the Dreamcast video game console in Japan. In addition to its advanced graphics and novel built-in modem, the console introduced a number of memorable game series, including Shenmue, Soul Calibur and Sonic Adventure.

In honor of the console (and video games in general), CNET editors take a look back at their most cherished video game memories in the video below. 

From their first ever consoles and their favorite games of all time, to the games they could never beat and are still haunted by to this day, we reminisce about the budding and bewildering video games of yesteryear. Let us know about your favorite memories in the comments.

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