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Early peek at Sprint's Razr VE20 has published some shots in advance of the phone's Sunday release.

Razr VE20 open
Razr VE20 closed

If you can't wait 'til Sunday to see the newest Motorola Razr, has published a few (slightly blurry) pictures for your early perusal.

The site describes the mid-range flip phone as a mashup of the V9m's feature set and the V3m's styling, "though it has been given a (questionable) design refresh."

The new Sprint-exclusive phone features a 2-megapixel camera, a "crisp" inner display, and a touch-sensitive strip on the outer display like the V9m has.

Through the blurriness, you can probably tell that the device has a shiny mirrored front and scarlet accents. Have a squint and tell us: how does the new Razr look to you?

And stay tuned. CNET's Kent German will take a look at the VE20, once it officially lands in Sprint's lineup.