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Early for PMA: two new Sony cameras

Early for PMA: two new Sony cameras

PMA 2006 - CNET covers the show
Sony has announced two new digital cameras: the Cyber Shot DSC-W30 and the Cyber Shot DSC-W50. They're compact 6-megapixel point-and-shoot cameras that weigh about as much as Sony's slim Cyber Shot DSC-T9. They both have 3X optical zoom lenses and can use sensitivity settings as high as ISO 1,000. The W30 and W50 are essentially identical except for their LCD screens; the W30 has a small 2-inch LCD, while the W50's screen measures 2.5 inches. The Sony Cyber Shot DSC-W30 and Cyber Shot DSC-W50 will retail for about $230 and $250, respectively, and will ship at the end of February.