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Early-adopter deadline for iPhone refund passes

Some frustrated iPhone early adopters took advantage of the weekend deadline to get a full refund, but most seem satisfied.

An informal survey of CNET readers indicates that most of those who bought an iPhone during opening weekend plan to keep it around.

Like the survey we did prior to the iPhone's launch, this one probably won't be accepted by the folks at Gallup. Part of the reason could be that return rates seemed abnormally high, both on our survey and on one done by Gizmodo, as compared with a customer satisfaction survey done by Interpret.

Two weeks after thousands lined up for an iPhone, most people seem pretty happy with their purchases. Tom Krazit/CNET

About 38 percent of those who responded to the post that asked "Will you return your iPhone?" said they would return or had already taken back their iPhone. Gizmodo readers voted in a similar pattern. But 90 percent of iPhone users surveyed by Interpret last week said they were either extremely satisfied or very satisfied with their iPhone.

Those who stood in line for an iPhone on June 29, or waited to buy one over that weekend, were faced with the expiration of a 14-day deadline to return the iPhone for a full refund--minus a 10 percent restocking fee. There are plenty of anecdotal reports of people who have returned their iPhones because of dissatisfaction with AT&T, or because the EDGE network connection was too slow, or because they simply ran out of money. But it doesn't appear that almost 40 percent of iPhone buyers feel that way, so we'll have to wait for harder data to get a better sense of how people are responding to the iPhone after prolonged use.