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Eager to test-drive Surface Pro 3? Microsoft stores to get it early

The Surface Pro 3 isn't in stores yet, but demo units of Microsoft's new 12-inch tablet-laptop hybrid will be soon.

The 12-inch Surface Pro 3 Microsoft

The Surface Pro 3 won't be available until June 20, but consumers can try it out before then.

Demo units will land at Microsoft stores on June 6, about two weeks before the first units are slated to ship.

Despite Microsoft's announcement of the Pro 3 on Tuesday, stores don't have it yet. The Microsoft Store in the Century City area of Los Angeles, for example, has only the older Surface Pro 2 on display.

And that doesn't mean everyone will be able to zip over to their local store to try it out. There are a relatively small number of Microsoft stores across the US and Canada.

Locations, more often than not, are limited to big cities like New York, Los Angeles, St. Louis, and Las Vegas, though more stores are beginning to appear outside the largest cities.

While the 128GB model based on the Intel Core i5 processor will be available for purchase starting June 20, other models won't ship till August.

The Surface Pro 3 runs the full version of Window 8.1, just like any typical laptop.