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EA says improvements en route for Madden 12 iOS

On the heels of our report that Madden 12 for iOS systems was flawed, EA reps respond with news of a coming update to fix the problems--and add a few new ways to play the game.

EA Sports

An update is on the way to repair serious shortcomings with the iOS version of Madden 12, EA Sports says.

Earlier this week, we reported that reviews in the iTunes store were brutal for the iPod, iPad, and iPhone versions of the massively popular National Football League game. Our hands-on play only verified the problems.

Initially, our attempts to get an explanation from EA were met with silence. But, according to EA Mobile representative Michelle Jacob, the Madden 12 iOS team gathered its details together and wanted to update fans with the latest news.

"The Madden development team closely monitors customer feedback in the App Store and is focusing on these concerns," Jacob told CNET yesterday. "We are currently working on an update that is due out shortly and will address the following..."

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• Improved running in the core game. This fix addresses the most commonly reported issue that running was too difficult, Jacobs said.

• The update will add a new casual game mode to Madden for the first time. "Touch Down Challenge mode introduces game-winning quick-play two-minute drills to lead the offense, and simple controls that enable pass with a quick swipe and the ability to avoid defenders with a touch of a button."

• Stability issues that caused the crashing.

• Madden 12 iOS adds Vintage Voltage mode (old-school tabletop football) for iPad only and local Bluetooth multiplayer.

So, not only is EA Sports saying it will fix what's wrong with the current game; it's adding entirely new ways to play. But it would seem such sweeping changes indicate the game was released before it was a truly finished product. When the new version arrives, we'll let you know here.