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EA game sale: 99 cents for most iPhone, iPad titles

Got a buck to spare? You can get a killer EA title like Dead Space or Max and the Magic Marker and even get a penny back in change.

This weekend only, EA is offering nearly 50 iOS games for 99 cents apiece.
This weekend only, EA is offering nearly 50 iOS games for 99 cents apiece. EA Mobile

Nothing says "independence" and "I love America" quite like deep discounts on iOS games. Well, OK, maybe fireworks and pausing to reflect on what makes this country--for all its troubles and conflicts--so flippin' awesome.

But getting back to that other thing. In honor of the the Fourth of July weekend, EA Mobile has launched a huge sale on iPhone and iPad games.

I won't list all the titles here, as there are nearly 50 in all--most of them priced at 99 cents. But I will give a shout-out to those I think are especially buy-worthy.

First up: Max and the Magic Marker, which is arguably the single most popular game in my household. My kids (ages 11 and 8) have played it over and over and over. And what's not to like? It's like Calvin (of "Calvin and Hobbes" fame) meets "Harold and the Purple Crayon."

Next, Dead Space for 99 cents is absolutely a no-brainer. (It originally sold for $9.99 for iPad and $6.99 for iPhone/iPod.) It's an original chapter in the console-born saga, and one of the scariest action games ever (especially if you play with headphones on).

I also have mad love for Reckless Racing, which is good on the iPhone and great on the iPad (a game like this really needs a big screen). It's a top-down dirt-track racer in the tradition of the arcade classic Super Off Road.

Finally, Madden NFL 11 for 99 cents? When it's console counterparts sell for closer to $30? You can't beat that with a stick--or a quarterback sneak.

This is definitely a good time to stock up on some good games. After all, you'll need something to do while waiting for the fireworks to start, right?