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EA announces three Android games

Game publisher says it will release Tetris, Bejeweled, and Monopoly for Google's new mobile phone platform.

EA will release three games, Tetris, Bejeweled, and Monopoly, for Google's Android platform. Here, a user shows off Pac-Man on an Android-powered phone. James Martin/CNET

Electronic Arts announced Wednesday three games for Google's Android mobile phone platform.

The publisher said that Tetris will be available immediately and that two other games, the monster hit Bejeweled and Monopoly Here & Now, will be launched in November.

EA has already released at least five games for Apple's iPhone, including Tetris, Spore Origins, and Scrabble.

The move to bring games to Android is sure to be a boost for the platform, given EA's size and influence and the fact that on the iPhone, games have become some of the most popular apps of all. However, there's no way yet to tell how many people will download the games on Android. In addition, EA didn't say whether it was planning to charge for the titles.

The three games are being provided by EA Mobile.