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E3: Wii U GamePad puts a new touch on gaming

Nintendo shows off what a second screen -- Wii U 's GamePad -- adds to gaming, Sony rips off Super Smash Bros., and Google Maps better come up with something to compete with Apple.

In today's show we're gaming with multiple screens, dodging Flame attacks and looking for a new direction from Apple:

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The video game conference E3 rolls on and Nintendo has shown off the new gaming capabilities of the Wii U console, which will be coming out in time for the holidays -- but no price announced yet. Players will have to use the second screen in the GamePad controller to activate different game controls, camera views and features. In some games you might hold it up to the television screen to scan for enemies. But if you're playing something like the Wii Fit U, you can just record your workout directly to the GamePad. (Love that!)

The survival of this system depends on how much other game makers will invest in creating worthwhile content for this second screen. And another big question looms: How long before my noodle arms get tired of holding this thing?

Sony made its media presentation Monday night, but there wasn't much news. All you need to know is that there's a new game getting lots of buzz. It's called Beyond: Two Souls. And if you like Super Smash Bros., well Sony just stole that whole concept and made the game Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale, where you can fight with characters from different video game titles, like the Twisted Metal clown Sweet Tooth versus Parappa the Rapper. You can use the Playstation Vita as an extra controller to play against someone with a PS3.

Sony will be brining more titles to the Vita, but it also is pushing PlayStation Mobile, where some mobile phones will have access to PlayStation games.

But not all news is around games today. The complex Flame virus that attacked computers in the Middle East has been found to infect computers by fooling the system that is a real Windows update. Flame steals data, listens in on conversations and takes screenshots. Microsoft is aware and will release a patch.

More reports are out that Apple will be ditching Google Maps in the next version of iOS. At Wednesday's Google Maps event, expect Google to hype up new features of the service, and expect Apple to drop it next week at WWDC.

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