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E3 gets 2011 dates, posts big numbers

E3 2010 is not even over yet, but next year's show gets dated already in the same venue as this year's event.


E3 2010 is not even over yet, but the Entertainment Software Association--the company that puts on the annual games trade show--has announced dates for a 2011 version.

E3 2011 will take place yet again at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 7 to 9, which is about a week and a half earlier than the 2010 event. Even though the dates are different, the scheduling ends up working out to the same Tuesday through Thursday as in years past, which gives the big companies like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft weekday time to schedule press briefings ahead of when the expo begins.

In a press release announcing the 2011 dates, the ESA said 45,600 attended this year's show, which is up from an attendance of 41,000 the year before. This year's show also one-upped 2009's event by having attendees from 90 countries, compared to last year's 78.

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