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E3 Exposed: All the news from the world's biggest games show

UPDATE: We've got all the latest news from this year's Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3), the world's biggest games convention. Click here for information about the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360, the Nintendo Revolution and previews of the biggest games.

  • CNET Australia staff

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), which is being held in Los Angeles from 17th to 20th May, is without doubt the largest games convention in the world., in conjuction with, will bring you all the news from the show floor, including information on next generation consoles, previews of the latest games and much more.

Look below to see all the latest news from E3. We'll be updating the site with new stories regularly, so don't forget to check back often.

PlayStation 3

Xbox 360

Nintendo Revolution

Nintendo Game Boy Micro

Nokia N-Gage QD


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