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E3 2016: Which E3 press conference reigns supreme?

From surprise game announcements to new consoles and lots of VR, E3 2016 has already delivered. As the press conference phase wraps up, who is stealing the show before it even begins?

Every year we think we're not going to be surprised. And every year the big game makers try their best to pull a swag of rabbits out of their hats.

Sometimes it works. Sometimes the rabbit is dead.

This year we saw a good range of very healthy rabbits appear. OK, I'll stop talking about rabbits. But everyone really did show us something that was worthy of the applause being thrown about by the rent-a-crowd cheer squads that always seem to fill the front rows at these events.

Did Bethesda do it for you with a new Quake and the promise of Fallout VR? How about new Titanfall and Star Wars games from EA? Is Xbox's Project Scorpio getting you excited for the end of next year?

Is a Star Trek Bridge Crew VR experience getting you off the virtual reality fence? How about all that PSVR content Sony showed off while also rolling out Insomniac's new Spider-Man and Kojima's shiny new Death Stranding?

Whatever you fell in love with, it's time to decide.

Which company really did it for you to kick things off at E3 2016?

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