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E3 2011: The lesser-seen hardware

You know all about the Wii U and PS check out the rest of the odd hardware we saw on the E3 show floor.

Gaming on the jDome.
Gaming on the jDome. Sarah Tew/CNET

Sure, you know about the Wii U. You know about the PlayStation Vita. But do you know about the jDome immersive game screen? How about a device that takes physical game pieces and puts them in games? Or, what about a triple-mount TV stand for all your motion-control camera gear?

The E3 Expo is always known for its explosively loud gaming demos and endless play kiosks (not to mention costumed absurdity), but tucked away in the corners are lesser-known companies hawking peripherals and technology that ranges from the intriguing to the absurd. In years past, these odd bits of gaming hardware were confined to Kentia Hall; now, they're spread around the show floor, and are easy to miss.

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Click through the slideshow for our tribute to the odd, the quirky, and the possibly useful E3 hardware we happened to glimpse that wasn't named Wii U or PS Vita. See you next year, E3.