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E-Tomb sees your online presence live on when you die

Thanks to the E-Tomb, you don't have to go offline in your coffin. It's a wirelessly connected gravestone that keeps you online even after built-in obsolescence finally does you in.

When we should die, think only this of us: that there is some corner of a foreign field that is forever online. Thanks to the E-Tomb, you don't have to go offline in your coffin.

This concept gravestone design includes built-in storage and Bluetooth so you can stay online when you're interred. Visitors to your digital grave solemnly bow their heads -- and look at their phones, where an app displays your Web profiles.

In the real world we wouldn't recommend poking a mouldering corpse, but the E-Tomb allows you to keep poking your Facebook friends even after they've shuffled off this mortal coil. We store so much of ourselves in the cloud, it stands to reason that when we head for the great phone shop in the sky, our online presence should simply grab a harp and a white toga and carry on.

Some would argue that the thoughts and memories we share with the Internet could be considered the closest we have to an immortal soul. So even when we're six feet under, the living can continue to feel our presence -- digitally, rather than spectrally. Banging windows and rattling chains is so 20th century, when we could be haunting our friends with witty tweets and ill-advised pictures from drunken nights out.

This is the headstone we want when we log out permanently, fill our last memory card and get the ultimate Blue Screen of Death. Bury us with our beloved iPhone and our battered laptop -- and a Wi-Fi signal booster, just in case.

In other headstone news, a beautifully minimalist memorial designed by Factory Records stylisers Peter Saville and Ben Kelly has now been erected as a tribute to Manchester music legend Anthony Wilson.

What do you think of the E-Tomb? Sick and wrong, or a fitting end to a life lived online? Throw your handful of dirt into the gaping hole of the comments.