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E-mail composition now the star of iPad's Gmail show

On Monday, Google issued a tweak to the way that iPad users interact with

Lest it be said that Google has forgotten about the iPad in its quest to optimize for iPhone and Android, the company issued a tweak today.

New for iPad.
Google gives the composition window the star treatment in a new Web design for iPad.

Now when you visit from the iPad, you'll notice a larger Compose window that expands across the screen to highlight your e-mail. Before the update, you'd see the width of the screen divided between the in-box on the left and the composition window on the right.

The change gives you deeper focus on the message, while still making it easy to save or discard an e-mail and get back to the in-box. In addition, Google announced that it also fixed a bug that blocked you from scrolling on long messages. The changes are limited to U.S. English right now, Google said.