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E-book stores get massive Star Wars update

More than 100 books that explore the expanded Star Wars universe hit e-book shelves this week for prices even a Tusken Raider would approve of.

Guess those days of laying around in a bookstore aisle reading Star Wars novels are coming to an end. SW: TOR Strategies

The expanded Star Wars universe, which spans thousands of years through books, video games, TV shows, and other media, sheds further light on many additional compelling sagas that occur around the original story. However, many of those writings have never been available in e-book format, testing the patience of Jedi everywhere.

As of yesterday, owners of Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, Sony Reader and Apple iOS (via iBooks) devices can purchase a larger selection of books from the expanded Star Wars canon that were previously unavailable in their respective stores.

More than 100 books ranging from the Old Republic to a time well past the new Jedi Order can be purchased for $7.99 (or higher). Noted Star Wars publishers LucasBooks and Random House have unleashed a massive collection of titles from famous authors such as Timothy Zahn, Michael Reaves, Kevin Anderson, A.C. Crispin, Michael A. Stackpole, and many others.

Each book comes with some light bonus content, including a timeline, excerpts from other books, and an overview of the major eras from the Star Wars story.

After glossing over the huge list of available novels (courtesy of New eBook Releases), I'd highly recommended the various X-Wing, Thrawn, Han Solo, Bounty Hunter, and Couruscant Nights series. There's also a special place in my heart for Death Star by Michael Reaves and Steve Perry, which is an interesting backstory about the construction and eventual destruction of the Emperor's superweapon. What's your favorite Star Wars book that's now available for your e-book reader device?