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Dyson delivers two larger blade-free fans

After releasing two blade-free fans last year, Dyson has unveiled new, larger, and more expensive models--the AM02 and AM03, both of which retail for $450.

Inventor James Dyson with his two new Air Multiplier models, the AM02 Tower and AM03 Pedestal. Dyson

Last year, Dyson attracted a lot of attention with a couple of blade-free fans that used something called Air Multiplier technology to blow a nice, even stream of air to cool you down. Those 10 and 12-inch models aren't exactly cheap, costing $299.99 and $329. But instead of making more affordable fans, Dyson is coming out with two larger higher-end models that will cost $450.

The AM02 Tower (pictured left), available in iron, blue and silver, or just silver, stands 1m tall and measures 19cm wide, whereas the AM03 Pedestal fan is even larger and pumps out more air. The pedestal model, available in white or silver, is adjustable both in terms of height and angle (it stands up to 1.4m in height). Both models ship with a remote.

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Check out our video of Dyson Air Multiplier technology in action:

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