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Dying Light: The Following trailer shows deadly car customisations

The zombie survival game makes your buggy a little more lethal.

Techland has released a new gameplay trailer for The Following, an upcoming expansion for its open-world zombie survival game Dying Light.

The trailer, titled "Weaponize your Ride," shows how players will be able to customise, upgrade, and modify dirt buggies. Once kitted out, they can be used to mow down the undead hordes with devastating effect.

"Your buggy is going to be crucial to surviving out in the open, so we want to create an emotional connection between players and their ride," said producer Tymon Smektała.

"On top of the lethal weapons and upgrades you'll be able to add, there are a lot of cool paint jobs, a number of unmistakable bobble heads and little charms to put inside, so you can really make the buggy your own."

According to the developer, upgrade options include flamethrowers, UV headlights, ramming bars, and more. 40 paint jobs and a range of accessories will be available to personalise buggies, which can also be tweaked for better suspension, more powerful engines, and sharper brakes.

Dying Light: The Following launches on 9 February 2016 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It will be available by itself for $20 or through the $30 Dying Light DLC pass. In addition, it will be available as part of the Dying Light Enhanced Edition, which also arrives on 9 February.

The Enhanced Edition includes the original game, which comes with improved graphics and enemy AI among other things. Everyone who already owns Dying Light is also getting these enhancements free of charge through an update.