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DVR scheds fixed in a New York minute

DVR scheds fixed in a New York minute

Over the past few years, several TV networks, NBC in particular, have gotten into the unfortunate habit of shifting their start and end times by a minute or two. While watching your favorite show from, say, 9:01 to 9:31 isn't that big an inconvenience, try telling that to your TiVo or other DVR device, which is easily flummoxed by orders to tape two shows that overlap by a minute.

These days, even the basic cable company DVR box has two tuners, so it's less of a problem, but NBC should still be commended for going to go back to the good old days of keeping a program in its time slot, which strikes us as a pretty simple thing to do, really. Legions of time-shifting fans take to the Internet to rejoice.