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DVD player eats iPod, plays video

Device plays iPod video on 8.5-inch screen


Is it some kind of sign that we're seeing portable gadgets for our portable gadgets? Probably, but we doubt it'll stop companies from finding ways to make and market them.

In this case, we actually think there's a justifiable use (sort of) for the Philips DCP850. It's a DVD player with a twist: It can also play video and audio directly from an iPod on its 8.5-inch screen, according to Technabob. What makes this idea even more appealing to us is its design, which includes a place where the media player can actually be popped in, avoiding the hassle of carrying two devices and a tangle of USB cords.

It's true that a device within a device might seem redundant. But as our eyesight continues to fade, we appreciate anything that can help us avoid viewing the tiny LCDs of portable media players.