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Duracell all charged up to juice the Nano

Duracell's PowerFM not only provides extra power for the iPod Nano but it transmits your Tunes to any FM radio

We wondered what took so long, but a major battery manufacturer is finally trying to make a play in the iPod arena. At a CES preview event in New York City, we got a peek at Duracell's new accessory, the PowerFM, which is due out soon and designed to be coupled with the iPod Nano.

Its claim to fame: The company says PowerFM is the only iPod accessory that will provide extra juice for your iPod, allow you to transmit your tunes to any FM radio, and protect your Nano with the included silicone case (it fits over both the accessory and your Nano). According to the manufacturer, it "more than doubles" the run-time of the Nano. Unfortunately, it only fits first-generation Nanos.

Duracell's triple-threat accessory is supposed to be a bargain at $79.99, but when you figure that the silicone case probably costs about 50 cents to make, we think $50 is what the thing should cost--especially if it hopes to undercut established iPod accessory makers such as Belkin and Griffin.