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Ultimate Dungeons & Dragons table features embedded monitor

The "Super-Fan Builds" webseries makes the kind of D&D table that would impress even the pickiest dungeon master.

When playing Dungeons & Dragons, storytelling skills, dice-throwing luck and imagination are all key to succeeding in a quest. But playing on this ultimate gaming table might kick players' game to a whole new magical level.

In a video posted Tuesday, webseries "Super-Fan Builds" shows step-by-step how its build team designed and created the unique game table, which has a 50-inch monitor embedded on the top for interactive maps.

The table also has pull-out drawers for each player for figure and dice storage, as well as tablets players can use to communicate with each other.

"Super-Fan Builds" from Defy Media and Awe Me showcases the skills of movie prop designers, who build amazing tributes to TV shows, movies and video games for super-fans nominated by family and friends.

Hosts Sandeep Parikh ("The Guild") and Leah Kilpatrick meet up with movie prop designer Fon Davis to build a one-of-a-kind gaming table for D&D super-fan Robert.

The four table legs feature the Storm Giant King Hekaton battling a dragon, a scene that took more than 200 hours to paint and sculpt. If the table wasn't cool enough, the chairs are upholstered with fabric that includes the classic D&D logo.

Previous episodes of "Super-Fan Builds" have yielded a Legend of Zelda pool table, "Back to the Future" DeLorean hot tub, HulkBuster high chair, Han in carbonite coffee table, BioShock City of Rapture fish aquarium, Final Fantasy sword kitchen knife set and life-size "Guardians of the Galaxy" Groot swing.