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Dumpster diving to create fashion

A messenger bag made of floppy disks


Some design trends should be left alone--especially in fashion accessories. Just as Crave dismissed an unfortunate floppy disk purse from Fractal some months ago, we are similarly unimpressed with what appears to be a floppy disk messenger bag of the DIY variety. (Who can tell?)

It actually could have been worse. As Gearfuse says, the bag's creator had originally planned to make plate mail armor out of the dumpster-disgarded floppies.

We hope that for his sake--and ours--that this amateur Gucci doesn't try to sell his homemade wares. As fellow Craver Erica Ogg noted in her earlier item on the disk-clad handbag, "not every arts-and-crafts project should be an exercise in capitalism." Amen.