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Duke Nukem voice actor can now officiate your wedding

Or Big the Cat, if that's more your style.

Duke Nukem Forever is coming on May 3.

Ever wanted a video game action hero to officiate your wedding?

2K Games

Die-hard gamers who are tying the knot just hit the motherload. Jon St. John, the voice actor who plays video game action character Duke Nukemannounced on Twitter that he's now an ordained minister.

"So yes, you can get married by Duke Nukem," St. John tweeted on Thursday. 

While St. John posed for his picture in a simple gray suit, he assured Twitter followers that he's more than willing to do nuptials in character (yes, Big the Cat, too), but it's only by request. St. John can do a regular wedding too. 

"I decided to become ordained for the same reason a lot of people do … I have a dear friend who asked me to officiate his wedding, not as Duke Nukem," St. John said in an email. "I genuinely thought the idea would begin and end with that one ceremony."

It doesn't look like it'll be a one-and-done deal. After the announcement on Twitter, St. John said he received numerous inquiries about whether he'll be performing ceremonies in the Duke voice. 

"Given that interest, of course I am!" St. John said. "We even have one confirmed to take place next February during my cruise convention, NotCon at Sea, and that one will definitely be as Duke. As the producer of the cruise event, I have to say the prospect of adding this to what is already going to be a lot of fun for our fans really excites me."

St. John says he's received about a dozen requests so far worldwide. 

St. John has voiced Duke Nukem, who regularly saves the world from alien invasions, in the eponymous first-person shooter, since the mid-90s. He says he's always open to more Duke Nukem games and ways to give back to fans. 

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