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Duet D8 is no iPhone clone

The Duet D8 has two SIM card slots, but that's about it.

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Back when we first saw the Duet D8 on the Beyond E-Tech Web site, we pegged it as an iPhone clone. After all, it looked a lot like Apple's device so we were intrigued by what it might offer. But after some study, we realized someone had photoshopped the iPhone's menus into the D8's frame and our interest began to wane. And now after putting the D8 through its paces, we can report that it's not worth much of a look at all.

Like the Duet D888, the D8 offers the welcome ability to make calls from two separate lines, but its average feature set and middling multimedia performance left us wanting more. Even more importantly, it fails the usability test because of its clunky touch screen and tiny virtual keyboard. Read our Duet D8 review for the full story.