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Dueling domains

As the comment period ends for the Commerce Department's domain green paper, the Net watches as Netizens and companies weigh in.

The public comment period for the Commerce Department's See previous coverage: Dealing with domains proposal to transfer the domain name system to the private sector has closed, and federal agencies, Netizens, and companies have all weighed in. In the balance hangs a system worth millions of dollars that affects the entire global network.

Domain plan deadline looms
The comment period on the Commerce Department's plan to end the U.S. government's rule over domains is over, and now federal officials will weigh the issues.

Will honeymoon last for NSI?
news analysis Network Solutions is a company that many Netizens love to hate, but investors may feel differently--at least for now.

A domain name for the moon?
A handful of Netizens suggest a ".luna" or ".moon" domain for the first company to serve up Web pages from the moon.

Commerce mulls domain comments
While the DOC weighs comments about its controversial domain "green paper," portions of it could be put into action quickly, an official says.

Net speaks out on green paper
A brief sampling of the hundreds of comments filed to the Commerce Department in response to its domain proposal.