Dude, where's my cell phone?

Find lost cell phones with Where's My Cell Phone.

Where's My Cell Phone is a handy new single-serving app to help track misplaced mobile phones. It's for those times when your cell phone is nowhere to be seen and you simply don't have another phone available to make the call.

Instead of using Google Maps and Twitterto help beacon your phone's location like that LoJack-like app we checked out a few weeks back, Where's My Cell Phone goes low-tech and simply redials whatever number you give it until you've found your beloved handset and can answer the call to turn it off. All you need to get things rolling is the 10-digit number (note: the service is U.S. only for now).

In theory it could be used to annoy your friends to no end, although when you pick up you've got the option to take your number off the list permanently. The creators also claim your number is never saved or kept track of. This is also one of the worst parts of the service, as taking your name off the list means you can never use it again.

I would love to see more phone manufacturers and carriers offer audio tracking services for phones. In the meantime, we'll have to make use of services like these.

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