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Dubai playboy spends equivalent of 360 iPhones in one night at London club

Making the viral Web rounds...

Dom Perignon

Larry Ellison aside, those Middle Eastern businessmen sure do put Silicon Valley to shame when it comes to extravagant displays of opulence. Typically, we don't get names to accompany the tales of pimped-out Airbus A380s and the like, but generally the price tags speak for themselves. My favorite new "oh my gosh, I can't believe how much cash that guy spent" story was covered in the British press earlier this week: a band of partiers, led by an anonymous Dubai cash cow, spent a total of $210,000 at the posh London nightclub Crystal last Saturday night. With tax and gratuities, the final bill was more like $218,000.

To put things into perspective, that's the equivalent of about 360 8GB iPhones.

According to representatives from the nightclub (where apparently Prince Harry likes to booze it up on occasion), the evening started off innocently enough. The party of 18 people started with a bottle of pinot grigio that cost a paltry $50, but ultimately went through absurd amounts of champagne and vodka that included a $20,000 bottle of Dom Perignon. Also included in the bill were six Cokes, 17 orders of Red Bull, and eight bottles of the luxury-brand Voss water.

ABC News reports that the tab was closed at 4:24 AM. In other news, the $2 bottles of wine at Trader Joe's still get a thumbs-up from me.