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Dual-temperature thermometer aims for precision

The Taylor Dual Temperature Infrared and Thermocouple Thermometer measures both surface and internal temperatures. Useful for a wide variety of cooking, the dual-use thermometer can measure a wide range of temperatures.

Temperature control.
Temperature control. Chef's Catalog

Precision in the kitchen is something that most of us have learned to live without. Just think about how many recipes call for an oven that is preheated to 350 degrees. In fact, old cookbooks would often simply recommend temperatures with terms like "slow," "moderate," or "hot." Just cook what you need to cook at a temperature that is close enough, and more often than not, it would turn out just fine. These being modern times, and home cooks taking on more and more challenges increasingly more sophisticated in nature, a little precision in the kitchen can be a good thing.

The Taylor Dual Temperature Infrared and Thermocouple Thermometer offers the ability to measure precise temperatures both internally via the probe or on surfaces with the laser function. Featuring precision accuracy to one degree, the double-duty thermometer is capable for a variety of tasks. Just point the laser to get accurate readings for the surfaces of pots and pans, or use the probe to monitor roasts or other large volume culinary creations.

As much as we would like to believe that pushing a button on a microwave oven counts as cooking, the real deal requires a little more effort. Certainly some cooking processes require constant monitoring and careful attention. With the capability to read temperatures up to 626 degrees with the probe and up to 482 degrees when measuring surface temperatures, the pocket thermometer is primed for the kitchen--and whatever that happens to be cooking in it.