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Dual releases XNAV43HD with HD Radio real-time traffic

Dual Electronics debuts a new portable navigation device at CES 2009. The Dual XNAV43HD features HD Radio technology with live traffic updates.


On Tuesday, just a couple days ahead of CES 2009, Dual Electronics announced its new flagship portable navigation device (PND), the Dual XNAV43HD.

The XNAV43HD is unlike any other GPS in the U.S. market currently in that it offers built-in HD Radio technology, bringing live traffic updates right to your screen. Sure, you may be thinking, real-time traffic data on PNDs is nothing new, but the advantage of HD Radio over regular TMC receivers is that it offers more bandwidth, allowing you to receive more information about traffic and beyond, such as gas prices and weather information.

While the XNAV43HD doesn't offer the latter services yet, you do get traffic data from the Clear Channel Total Traffic Network and Inrix via Clear Channel HD radio stations. To our knowledge, the XNAV43HD is the first PND to have HD Radio technology in the United States.

Other highlights of the GPS include a 4.3-inch touch screen; text-to-speech functionality; multimedia support; and a reasonable price tag of $279.99. The Dual XNAV43HD is expected to be available in spring 2009.