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Dual-probe thermometer confirms oven temperature

The Maverick Dual Sensor Digital Meat and Oven Thermometer monitors both food and oven temperatures.

Tell the truth. Chef's Catalog

Ovens are notorious for not telling the truth. They tell us that their internal temperature is 350 degrees F, but when in actuality, they are really burning hot at 400 degrees F; or even worse, they report a temperature too cool. The result is overcooked meals or underdone meat, resulting in meals that are never as good as they can be. Over time, we learn the idiosyncrasies of our ovens and learn to compensate for the discrepancy--but that doesn't mean we have to.

The Maverick Dual Sensor Digital Meat and Oven Thermometer is a two in one probe that gauges not only food temperature, but also oven temperature. Capable of registering temperatures from -32 degrees F to +572 degrees F, the thermometer makes it easy to precisely control cooking time and temperature. The handy unit features a 99-minute countdown timer and sounds an alarm when the target temperature has been reached.

With a 5.25-inch stainless-steel probe connected to a 42-inch cord, the thermometer mounts on the outside of the oven and displays factual temperatures via a large, easy-to-read screen. It even has a low-battery (it uses one AA) alert, assuring you that even when the power is running low, it won't give you a false reading without warning. I would have saved many a meal if my oven did as much.