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DS Lite hits Japan today...kinda

DS Lite hits Japan today...kinda

Nintendo has released its redesign of the Nintendo DS, the DS Lite in Japan today, Thursday March 2, 2006. Don't worry--you haven't missed Lost. It's just those wacky time zones playing tricks on you. As I release this message onto the Net, it's actually a little after 4 a.m. in the land of the rising sun, and many a drowsy DS fan are undoubtedly enjoying the new system after a midnight opening. The handheld, which was originally supposed to launch in three colors--iPod crystal white, ice blue, and enamel navy--is currently available only in white, with the blue offshoots available in a little more than a week. In the meantime, check out our First Take and slide show for the DS Lite, then weigh in with your own opinion. We have a white one on order, so expect a full review soon after it arrives. We'd let you know exactly when it's supposed to arrive, but the online shipping receipt doesn't specify whether it's in Japanese or U.S. time.