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Drying your hands just got easier

Airblade makes its U.S. debut

Call me crazy...but I hate public restrooms. To be precise, drying my hands in public restrooms. Most of them I come across these days have ditched the paper towels in favor of those air dryers. Problem is, they don't do much drying at all. That leaves me to just skip 'em and just wipe my hands on my pants (hint--use the lower part near your ankles).

I've heard about the Dyson Airblade for a while now and was wondering when it would make its debut in the United States. Well, it's here, and I got to go to the unveiling at a movie theater in Times Square. Sure, I was excited to meet the man behind those really expensive vacuums, but I was especially eager to dry my hands on one of his new age devices.

I can tell you with much confidence--bathrooms would be a better place if every store owner decided to install one of these bad boys. They slick the water off your hands in a way even a squeegee would be jealous of.

But don't just take my word for it. Check out the video.