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Drunk RIM execs on plane 'chewed through restraints'

Two RIM execs got so drunk on a plane that they had to be restrained while the plane was diverted. It is now revealed that they chewed through their restraints. They were, indeed, fired.

Sometimes the pressure gets to us. Sometimes the world seems so much against us that we want to forget it.

And sometimes we just get so blind-drunk that we don't remember why we got so blind-drunk.

This may have been the case with two RIM employees (executives, according to a New York Times report) who recently boarded an Air Canada flight and got so drunk that they had to be handcuffed and restrained, and the flight--heading from Toronto to Beijing--had to be diverted to Vancouver to let them off.

George Campbell, 45, and Paul Alexander Wilson, 38, whose official titles at RIM have not been disclosed, were both fired and declared themselves guilty in court of the rather pleasantly named crime of mischief.

However, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, keen, perhaps, to spice up the nation's news and image, obtained court documents to offer a few details of this spectacular flight from reality.

It must have been quite an interesting flight. CC Westend Raider/Flickr

Some might be most moved by the report that Campbell lay down in the aisle and repeatedly kicked the floor. This might suggest a certain level of frustration with life, perhaps even with the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Some might feel an involuntary shaking of the head (or voice of recognition) when they hear that the two men were reportedly drunk when they boarded the plane, passed out, woke up, drank some more, and yelled at one another.

Some might wonder what might have remained in the head of one of the men, who reportedly assaulted one flight attendant and threatened another.

Others, however, might wish to picture these two men--who had been handcuffed with both plastic restraints and tape--chewing through these restraints.

For this is what reportedly occurred. Plastic restraints surely can't taste too appetizing. Then again, the alcohol must have helped anesthetize them from any germs.

It is a little odd that if they were already drunk from the beginning of the flight, they were still served more alcohol. Especially if they fell asleep for a while and then woke up again.

I cannot even begin, though, to imagine how long these men's hangovers lasted. In some sense, they have surely not ended. I wonder whether their career paths might now describe a road less traveled.

Might the strength of their teeth lead them to consider training as orthodontists?