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Drunk enough yet? Check your breathalizer watch

Just blow on this Tokyoflash concept timepiece to get a reading on the alcohol in your system. It tells the time in such a straightforward manner, even a drunk could use it.


If the screen turns red, you're dead. Or unconscious.

Either way, you'll no longer need this Kisai drinker's watch from the time lords at Tokyoflash, notorious for their incomprehensible creations.

This concept watch comes with a built-in breathalizer. Simply touch a button to activate the alcohol test function, wait for a little door to open, breathe into a port on the side, and get your blood alcohol level.

It might encourage you to keep upping those bottoms. Or it might dissuade you from drinking and driving.

The design phase of this idea has charts showing alcohol levels from 0.00% to 0.99%, with green, yellow, and red screens showing progressive levels of drunkenness. The designers say the range is just a guidance range for now.

They assure me it's possible to fit a small breathalizer in the watch, which would have a touch-screen LCD face and LED backlight.

In a remarkably clear-sighted design choice, the watch would tell the time in easily understandable digits that are always displayed. This departure from Tokyoflash's usual timepiece riddles is no doubt an accommodation for those with impaired puzzle skills.

Tokyoflash is only sounding out potential customers with the idea, and doesn't have a price yet. But they assure me other wild designs posted on their blog are on their way to becoming reality.

If the Kisai drinker's watch saves people from making stupid decisions, I'll drink to that.