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Drum or hatbox drive? You be the judge

Whichever it is, it's not your father's hard drive.

Suissa Computers

How's this for the latest in PC designs? Drums. Yes, like the kind that you bang on, all day if you must, with or without sticks.

When fellow Craver Brian Cooley posted an item months ago about the Spotswood kick-drum computer, we assumed it was just something from one of the obscure sites he surfs, in between 007 blogs and single-malt scotch retailers. As it turns out, he may actually have been on the cutting edge of a new trend, the latest example being the "Shadow" hard drive from Suissa Computers.

Although it's not a full PC, the Shadow makes up for it with its unique design and capacity. SCI FI Tech says the 750GB peripheral resembles a hatbox, but we think it looks more like something from the percussive family. Either way, it comes encased in maple with the option of the decorative glass top like the one pictured here. On second thought, maybe it's not such a good idea to bang on it after all.