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Dropped cell phone on tracks and a train is coming? So what?

Footage of a Brazilian woman who appears to drop her cell phone on railway tracks and decides to retrieve it in front of an oncoming train causes quite a controversy.

She's down there. So's her phone. Ricardo Moraes/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Have you thought about it?

Some morning when your cell phone slips from your hand, as you're waiting for the 7:37 train? What if that Galaxy of yours fell onto the tracks? What would you do? Would you leap down and get it? Would the swooshing sound of an oncoming train put you off? Or is your cell phone just far too important, far too much a part of you?

I ask all of these questions because of this footage from Brazil.

Thank you, Geekologie, for bringing it to my eyes and making me wonder about the true meaning of self.

If you can bear the poor quality of the film and the impassioned screaming, what you'll see is a woman who seems to decide that it's worth jumping down onto railway tracks to retrieve her cell phone.

Yes, there was an oncoming train. But life is all about judgments, isn't it? And this fine lady appears to judge that she couldn't live without her cell phone.

Even if it meant she wouldn't live at all.

Some commenters to YouTube say that, in subsequent interviews, the woman denied she was trying to retrieve her phone, but was instead trying to commit suicide.

Others believe that this was a cover-up for her behavior.

Certainly, Brazil's R7 News reported that she was trying to retrieve her phone.

The actions of the security guard at the Corinthians-Itaquera station in Sao Paulo helped her cause -- one that, if it was truly motivated by cell phone love, was a sad cause.

I wonder if, as soon as she regained her composure, she sent any number of texts to tell her friends what had happened.